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CG has invested nearly Rs 400 million in this world class infrastructure to enhance its R&D capabilities to achieve global excellence in the UHV domain. This 1600kV Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Research Centre at its Switchgear Complex in Nashik is a 21,786 sq ft and 118 ft tall, electrical-noise-free infrastructure, built with sophistication, intricacy and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art testing equipments. Having achieved leadership position in the manufacture of power products up to 765 kV, this is a significant move towards fulfilling CG’s strategic objective of positioning itself as a sizeable player in the UHV arena in the world. Prime markets for these products are large countries like India, South America and Africa, where such very high voltage transmission networks are present. The Research Centre facilitates reliable and economic new product development for the global UHV/EHV (Extra High Voltage) markets, spanning 800kV EHV to 1200 kV UHV power transmission systems. It is envisaged to be CG’s manufacturing and development hub for Switchgear.


The facility will focus on research and development of high power sub-station equipments, such as Circuit Breakers (Live Tank and Dead Tank), GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), Instrument Transformers (CT / IVT / CVT) (Current Transformers/Inductive Voltage Transformers/Capacitive Voltage Transformers), Transformer Bushings, Surge Arresters, and Disconnectors with enhanced capabilities and at competitive prices. The centre is equipped with 1600 kV AC and 3600 kV, 360 kJ Impulse test systems to conduct all the dielectric performance tests as per the latest global IEC, ANSI standards and other International product standards. It will also facilitate developmental research tests, on new dielectric systems and products. This UHV infrastructure will help in the local manufacture of UHV products, thus saving huge costs on imports to Indian customers. CG’s Global customers can have the benefit of getting the entire range of products of global quality standard, from Medium Voltage to Ultra High Voltage, from a single source.


The high voltage product lab at Kanjur has the infrastructure to design, manufacture, test and validate HV products. Some of the facilities include impulse, power frequency, partial discharge, moisture measurement in cellulosic solid insulation and capacitance-tan delta test setup. The Lab is NABL accredited with proficiency to conduct testing & interpret the results. The Dielectrics laboratory has the infrastructure to characterize and conduct testing on liquid and cellulosic solid dielectric materials. The laboratory is NABL accredited. The lab is involved in acceptance tests, study of ageing mechanism in solid insulation, development of new dielectric liquids for high voltage product application and improvement of existing or development of new manufacturing processes for sustainable development. Lab activities include new product development, product design, product testing, product validation, design review support, product failure analysis, insulation research and recommendations, and condition monitoring and diagnostics in transformers. Some of the products developed by the team are cast resin transformers, resin impregnated paper (RIP) bushings, Polycrete transformers, distribution range of SF6 transformers, high voltage PD free SF6 gas test transformer, UHV transformers, web based condition monitoring software and real time transformer monitoring system, shunt reactor with auxiliary winding.


The MV research focuses on understanding the evolution of vacuum arcs, enhancement of voltage and short-circuits current ratings of vacuum interrupters, research on new contact geometries and shield configurations for interrupters, evaluation of interrupters with new material composition and processes. The research teams based out of Nashik and Aurangabad have expertise in short-circuit testing, MV voltage design, analysis and testing, cryogenics, superconductor physics and plasma physics. CG has published and presented papers in international journals and international symposiums like the SWICON and ISDEIV on the related topics.


Design Centre based in Bhopal oversees the research and product development portfolio related to rotating machines. It foresees the technologies developed by competitors and design the best possible solution by using application engineering. It is also involved and committed in:

  • Identification and development of appropriate "Platform Technologies" namely Solar, Wind, HVAC and Automotive, as well as products in existing market whose efficiency, smartness and competitiveness can be better met by the advanced technologies.
  • Design and development of Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Technology is one of the major technologies developed of this group, which was awarded Golden Peacock award in the year 2005
  • BLDC technology is being used for fans for Railways , AC and non AC bus coaches, industrial fans, Telecom shelters, Electric vehicles, air conditioners etc


The centre is fully equipped with automated testing facilities. Few of them are :

  • Computerized Motor testing set up upto 7.5kW
  • Motor & Electronics assembly Lab
  • Induction Motor test setup



The research team of material scientists provides expertise in the following domain :

  • Electrical steels and Metallic materials
  • Contact materials
  • Ceramics and lighting materials
  • Polymers, composites and nano technology





The analytics group works on Engineering Analysis, Design optimization & performance prediction of CG products and development/customization of engineering application softwares in the area of Transformers, Switchgears and Rotating Electric Machines etc. The group has expertise in working on Structural Dynamics, Noise & Vibration, Electromagnetics, Power System Analysis and Heat Transfer & CFD.


Objective of the group is to :


  • Deliver end-to-end Product Design Optimization solutions
  • Provide Power system solutions
  • Develop Virtual laboratories , Design automation softwares
  • Reduce product design cycle time through virtual prototyping
  • Provide Noise & Vibration Solutions


Reliability Test Facility at Bhopal ensures CG products goes with high Reliability. For new products, the centre develops Reliability requirements, establish adequate reliability methodologies, and perform appropriate analysis (Reliability prediction, allocation, FMEA, RGA, RDT, HALT, HASS, and FRACAS) and tasks to ensure the product will meet its requirements. For existing products, Reliability centre is working towards establishing optimal Reliability by performing failure analysis, Benchmarking, Process Reliability analysis and Improvement validation testing. The centre is equipped with specialized software and test facilities. Reliability centre also develop customized test setup as required for the product.




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